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What is PhysioElite?

What is PhysioElite?

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What is Physical Therapy?

It involves a lot more than you think!

  • Diagnosis of injuries

  • Rehabilitation of injuries or weakness

  • Massage & trigger point therapy 

  • Spinal manipulation/adjustments

  • Dry needling (similar to acupuncture)

  • In-house exercise rehab program

  • Home exercise program

  • Personal Training

  • Running/sprinting technique 

  • Speed & agility training

  • Strength & conditioning

  • Olympic weightlifting

  • Therapist-facilitated stretching 

  • Pilates (coming soon)

  • Sauna (coming soon)


Team USA

Wesley is the Physical Therapist for the United States National Handball Team. Wesley worked with the team in Mexico 2022 for the North American & Carribean Championship and will attend the World Championships with the team in Sweden 2023. Photos below


Team Australia and Team Great Britain

Wesley was the Australian and Great British Olympic Bobsled Team's Physical Therapist during the 2020/21 IBSF World Cup & World Championships in Europe. Photos below.