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Face-to-Face video appointments or over the phone

Quality care without boundaries

Live too far away for an appointment? Set up a consultation over the phone or via FaceTime for a virtual assessment and management plan from the comfort of your own home.

Telehealth: Services
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Video call, audio call or Email

Get expert injury assessment and rehabilitation programs from anywhere in the world (Subject to time-zone differences).

If you are not in the area or if you are away travelling and need advice, this service is for you. 

Receive the same expert advice for your health as like an in-person consultation.

These sessions can be conducted through:

  • Zoom

  • Regular telephone (US only)

  • Skype

  • Google Duo

  • Viber

  • WhatsApp

  • FaceTime 

  • FaceTime Audio

  • Email - This is an excellent option for those who have significantly busy schedules and find it difficult to set out a period of time in the day for appointments.

Telehealth: My Practice

Price List

Contact to arrange method of payment


Telehealth Consultation

This will be your assessment and commencement/progression of your rehabilitation program, health advice, and self-management strategies. You will have the option to be emailed any discussed or relevant information.


Fitness Program

Just looking for a fitness program to do at home/at the gym, tailored to your goals? Book this service and either chat over video, the phone or email in your goals and a detailed, easy-to-follow program will be written up and sent to you.


Advice over Email

This is a one-time payment for advice over email for the duration of your health episode. There is no limit to the emails sent. For new areas of concern, this is a new episode and will require another payment.

Telehealth: Price List
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