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Physical Therapy - Injury Management

Keeping you moving

Is pain or an injury preventing you from fulfilling your full potential? PhysioElite offers comprehensive injury assessment and management solutions, sports massage, education and maintenance programs from an educated Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapy: Services

What you can expect in an injury management session

- Injury assessment: Why you experience pain/symptoms and what causes this.
- Management of that injury including home exercise programs, sports massage and self-management programs.
- A detailed return to play/sport program to gt you back on track ASAP and remain symptom free.
- General health advice from a qualified health professional.
- Education on how to manage your return to high performance when your professional isn't present.
- Follow up sessions review your symptoms and progress your home exercise program, and may also include fitness tests to assess readiness to return to sport if applicable.

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Specialty Interest

Hip & Groin Pain

Wesley completed his Master's thesis on hip & groin pain in soccer players and has had an extremely high success rate in returning athletes back to play after being sidelined for months to years with chronic hip/groin issues.

Groin pain also affects many other field-based and track sports and can only be corrected with an accurate diagnosis and highly-tailored rehabilitation program.
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What do my clients say?

Josh C -

Patellofemoral Pain

Wesley not only helped solve my knee pain by during soccer practices with various therapeutic techniques, but he also made home visits and gave me several exercises to increase the strength in my knee. This combination quickly helped relieve the intense pain I was feeling in my knee.
Before seeing Wesley, I had seen several other physical therapists in attempt to make my knee feel better and it seemed like no one could help. Most of them actually recommended that I got surgery on my knee to get rid of the pain. I told Wesley this and he told me he could solve the problem without me having to go through surgery. While I was sceptical at first, I quickly saw results once we started doing therapy. He saved me thousands of dollars, and months of pain, and agony by helping me avoid surgery. Wesley is a very personable guy who will mould therapy to each individual, and their needs. He has very unique approach that is very effective.
I would summarize the experience as a whole as efficient, effective, and relieving. Best therapist I have ever had. Anyone who is having pain should see Wesley. He will solve it for you.. It doesn't matter your age, strength, or amount of pain, Wesley will solve your problems.

Cade K -

Adductor-related groin pain

I was in a lot of discomfort when I went to Wesley for help, I play soccer at the University of Utah and my hip pain prevented me from running at full speed and taking shots, cutting sharply, or putting in tackles. I chose Wesley because he was working with the team as our strength/fitness coach and physiotherapist.
I really appreciated Wesley’s approach because he wasn’t just focused on getting me back to play, but he wanted to help me build the strength and body control I needed to maintain good health once I got back to it. He gave me exercises to do on my own with clear instructions on how and when to do them. 
As a whole my experience with Wesley has been extremely positive, he gave me all the tools I needed to get healthy and is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body. He didn’t ever force me into approaching my recovery one way or another, but left that choice up to me and just did everything he could to help me along that path. I would recommend Wesley to anyone and everyone that’s in need of any sort of physiotherapy. He truly knows what he’s doing, he cares about those he works with on a personal level, and he will actively do everything possible to help you get back to full health. The man literally has magic hands,

Trevor R - 

Shoulder labral tear

The problem I had was a reoccurring pain in my right shoulder.  When I ran it felt as if my arm was very heavy and my shoulder wasn't strong enough to hold my arm up.  I chose Wesley because I met him through the Utah soccer team and he offered to help me through home visits.  These home visits were perfect because I do not have a car.  Wesley solved my problem through massaging and weekly exercises, that also got gradually harder as my shoulder got stronger.  Wesley's solution was unique because compared to Physical Therapists I have seen in the past, Wesley took his time and specified where the problem was in my shoulder instead of just assuming what the problem was.  I really liked Wesley's comprehensive teaching.  Wesley not only told me what to do, he told me why to do it and that helped because I felt more confident about the exercises. The experience was great, Wesley is easy to get along with and he does a very good job at getting the information to the patient efficiently and effectively.  I would recommend you to my brother if he was here because he has the same shoulder issues that I have, but he is currently residing in Florida.

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