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Performance Training & Personal Training

Become faster, stronger and more powerful than ever before

Each Session runs for 1 hour each.

What types of performance training do we offer?

  • 1:1 Personal Training - Sports specific, general fitness/vitality or weight management

  • Small group classes - just like above

  • Team Training - (Please see Team Training page)

  • Pilates - (Coming soon!)

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By joining this program you will learn:

  • How to warm up properly and improve mobility and flexibility in the process.

  • How to run faster and execute the most effective running technique as performed by professional track & field athletes.

  • Speed training to make you move faster than ever before.

  • Agility training with next-level technical cues to gain the upper hand that your opponents won't have.

  • Balance and coordination exercises that will prevent some of the most burdensome sports injuries

  • Strength training that college an professional athletes use.

  • Power and plyometric training to make you jump higher, be more explosive and overall move quicker in all directions.

  • Improve your endurance and volume tolerance so you can perform your best for longer.

  • Best nutritional and weight management recommendations sourced from trusted world-renowned health professionals.

  • The most effective and fun ways to reach your fitness goals.

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